A new frontier for vending and micro markets.

Reprinted from Vending Market Watch

Vending machines and micro markets are designed for on-the-move consumers that require a snack, therefore, making vending and micro markets the most convenient solution. As technology has changed so have vending machines and micro markets necessity, which have acquired more locations, payment options, and the best options. Considering snacking is making up almost half of all eating occasions snacks need to be convenient to not only find but transport. It was proven that 75% of consumers want snacks they can take with them.  Options and convenience are important but as technology changes, payment and security become vital to any and all businesses. Major food and beverage categories within vending and micro market segment grew 46% in 2021 giving more favorable options to the users. Operators are in favor of the shift towards unattended micro markets and vending machines, making safety and security as well as user-friendly technology the future.

Advancements to come

Vending and micro market settings have goals for the future to improve efficiency, cost saving, and convenience. Here is a look into what is to come:

  • Cyber Link Corp, is a Japan-based leader of AI facial recognition technology. They have so far created and tested an unmanned micro market that lets customers pay using the AI facial recognition. This design was tested in a company headquarters with 1,100 employees and simply deducted the purchases from upcoming paychecks.
  • Ingenico, is in a partnership with Fulcrum Biometrics inc; they have recently come up with a payment system through palm vein identification. This form of payment is more secure that fingerprints but less intrusive. This method is more convenient and undemanding to implement for operators.
  • MagTek who leads in payment security has teamed up with a hotel lobby to have a GrabScanGo unmanned self checkout. This designed stations only accept card and do so by secure card reader authenticator to accept contactless, chip and magstripe transactions.

Snacks that smile back

According to 40% of customer snacks that are in the vending machines or micro markets must be tasty and quality in order for them to return. Regardless of how advanced technology gets guest value their happiness more than the high tech experience. Vending machines and micro markets must offer top-performing snack brands such as Snyder’s of Hanover, the top brand of pretzels in vending, and America’s #1 sandwich crackers, Lance. To keep returning guest and revenue it is not only important to have high tech technology but to also consider user experience and offered valued snacks for valued customers.

Using Digital model from campbell’s foodservice, operators can visualize how all types of brands could show up in their micro markets: Check it out HERE