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Vending News: Spike in theft reminds operators to remain diligent about micro market security

While technology is making it easier to track inventory levels and to catch the occasional chronic thief, experts say the formula for success involves deterrence, inventory control, design and communication.

Vending News: How technology is changing the vending and micro market landscape

Frontiers are being crossed and boundaries are being pushed for vending and micro market technology.

US Vending News: Frito-Lay Trend Index unveils shifting priorities and eating habits

The latest U.S. Trend Index from snack leader Frito-Lay polled consumers on their snacking preferences and priorities and found that the 90% of consumers who snack daily – care deeply about the companies whose snacks they're eating.

Vending News: Cantaloupe’s Remote Price Change saves operators time and money

Remote Price Change, part of the Cantaloupe Seed Platform, helps vending operators manage prices on multiple machines from anywhere.

Vending Industry News: State of the Industry Report: What A Difference a (Pandemic) Year Makes

Vending and micro market businesses in the United States did their best to adjust to—and survive—the severe economic realities of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.

US Vending News: NAMA welcomes EPA refrigerants proposal, will partner for uniform approach to safe, efficient alternatives

The National Automatic Merchandising Association today announced its support for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s proposal to phase down the production and consumption of hydrofluorocarbons.

Vending News: COVID-19 impact: Work from home more attractive than return to office for most

Despite typically spending longer work hours when at home, most people enjoy working remotely and want the option to keep doing so after the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a recent Harvard Business School Online survey.

Vending News: Aramark rolls out frictionless food and beverage services for sports venues

Having fans in the stands for this season’s MLB Opening Day will take on added meaning for America’s Pastime

Industry News: Vending machine with COVID-19 home tests coming to NYC this month

Remember when vending machines were for snacks and soda? COVID-19 home test kits will soon be sold via vending machines in cities including New York. But they won’t be as cheap as a bag of chips.

World Vending News: European Vending Association Reports “Marked” Improvement for Industry

BRUSSELS – The European Vending Association said it has updated its Covid-19 report, originally released a month ago. Updated findings reflect a marked improvement for vending and office coffee services businesses, but ongoing impact from Covid-19 restrictions remains severe.

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