The Latest in Vending Technology

Dual State Vending uses the finest new vending technology which makes vending easier and better for the environment.


    Don’t have change or small bills? Dual State Vending has the capability to equip machines with cashless adapters. Simply swipe your credit or debit card and get your item instantly and securely. Also, most bill validators are capable of taking $1, $5, $10, and even $20 bills.

    • Modular cashless payment solution with Verizon 4G/LTE connectivity.
    • Powerful interactive payment screens for greater engagement and sales.
    • EMV Contactless, NFC/RFID, Magstripe, Mobile Wallet, MORE Loyalty Card
    • Apple Pay

    Dual State Vending has begun using Vending Miser technology. In certain machines, this environmentally conscious energy-efficiency device turns off lighting and reduces unnecessary compressor cycles so machines use less energy.


    Recycling Stations can be set up to collect plastic, glass, and aluminum. Part of our service will be to maintain these stations and haul materials off to a recycling facility.


    Dual State Vending utilizes solutions which are better for the environment.

Flexible Payments with ePort Cashless Solutions

vending miser