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Vending Machines – A Controlled, Safe Method to Provide Food and Beverages to Consumers – Part I

Why Vending is the Ultimate Controlled Dispensing Solution for the Convenience Services Industry

Vending News: High-Tech Vending Machines That Serve Healthy Snacks See Rapid Growth

What did you order the last time you grabbed a quick vending machine snack? Soda, candy – maybe some peanuts if you were feeling healthy? Soon your workplace may be offering fresher options given the rapid growth of 'healthy' vending machine franchises.

Vending News: Will COVID-19 make convenience services a preferred shopping destination?

Everyone is waiting for the stay-at-home orders to be lifted so people can get back to work. Hopefully, the COVID-19 will be contained sooner than later. But at the same time, many convenience services operators and suppliers are hoping that consumers will be more inclined to reduce face-to-face shopping encounters in the interest of preventing exposure to future pandemics.

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